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Welcome to Shiba Rescue of New Jersey A NJ NON PROFIT

Shiba Rescue of New Jersey (SRNJ) is a small group of dedicated families living in Ocean County NJ who have opened their hearts and homes to neglected, unwanted and displaced Shibas. We are one of only three active Shiba Rescue Organization on the East Coast of the US and have fostered and re-homed over 300 Shibas, Jindos and Shiba mixes over the years. We have close ties to other independent Shiba Rescues across the US and Canada and work with many all breed rescues as well. Our network of experienced rescue people who's goal is to give these once abandoned animals a second chance and adopt them to families that will love and care for them for the rest of their lives. We advocate spaying and neutering of all companion animals to counteract the overpopulation of dogs to end the tragedy of euthanizing healthy, unwanted companion pets.

Our Goals

To facilitate Shiba rescue by:

  • Providing a central point of contact for shelters and for those seeking help in re-homing their Shiba Inu.
  • Provide foster homes as space is available
  • Providing information to educate the general public about Shiba Inu and Shiba Inu rescue.
  • Facilitating the adoption of any Shiba Inu in need.

Thank you for visiting our rescue site and I hope you will consider adopting or fostering a Shiba in need!

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Fritz needs additional surgery

Fritz a young male shiba inu was found on the side of the road in South Carolina and taken to shelter with multiple injuries including a shattered front leg. Shiba Rescue of New Jersey stepped in the help Fritz by providing the initial reconstructive to try and repair Fritz’s leg. Although Fritz’s leg has made great progress over the last few month one fracture has not fully healed and Fritz now needs one more operation to complete the process. Throughout his ordeal Fritz has maintained the most wonderful disposition. Fritz is loved and adored by everyone who meets him and is so deserving of our help. We are asking for support one more time from the shiba community to help provide the additional surgery complete the repair process. We will need approximately 1500 to have a bone graft and plate installed to stabilize the remaining fracture.
Please Help Fritz