October 2011, Shiba Rescue of Ocean County receives a call from another rescue is we can help out with a hoarding situation in NJ. We were told there were about 11 shibas needing help but when we arrived to at the home we discovered there were 22 shibas including puppies and a pregnant female in addition to 2 older mix breed dogs and a cat all living in less then a 1000sqft house. All the dogs were dirty, flea infested and have no medical attention in years. While at the home looking at the situation the health department and animal control arrived. SRNJ convinced the inspectors that we would rehome the dogs in a few days. SRNJ coordinated pulling the shibas with two other rescue groups, groomers and a vet were present and all but 1 dog was pulled and taken in to rescue. The pregnant female and the three pups came to SRNJ the remaining shibas went to NYC Shiba Rescue and Safe Harbor Animal rescue who joined in the effort to get these dogs out.  In the end ony two Shibas remained with the family, Nina who gave birth and the spayed was returned and Maestro who was neutered. Fast forward two years and both Nina and Maestro have been rehomed, the family realized they
could not care for these two and Nina and Maestro now live in Cornell NY.