Harris's story another dog saved thanks to The Shiba Rescue of NJ,
Mitch called us to see if I could foster a cream Shiba Inu that was at Monmouth County
SPCA. Harris was left at a dumpster in January with flea dermatitis. He had a lot of hair
loss as you can see in his picture. We took Harris home. Soon we found out he had a
lactating patella. A good friend to the rescue and Harris's Angel paid to have his leg
repaired. Finally Harris's hair was all back, his leg was fine. We agreed to put him up for
adoption after Christmas. Christmas morning I woke up to Harris not being able to see.
We took him to the emergency veterinary hospital, to find out that he had Glaucoma in
both eyes. His pressure was so high they kept him for 24 hours to bring it down. After
two weeks of trying to control the pressure in Harris's eye's it was determined that
it would be best to laser both his eyes to keep him out of pain. He had such a limited
amount of sight in the eyes with pain we didn't think it was fair to him to suffer. Again
Harris's angel came to his rescue and paid for his eye surgery. Harris is now one of our
foster failures. He will stay with us for the rest of his life. Even though he is blind he can
find me where ever I am, he goes to the dog park with 2 of our other dogs, plays with
toys, and is very loved. If it weren't for the Shiba Rescue of NJ and his Angel, Harris
wouldn't be here today.